A Dogs Best Fur

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Why Dog's Best Fur?


A Dog’s Best Fur provides a one to one dog grooming service with my full & undivided attention at all times, your dog will be treated as if they were one of my own & groomed to your specifications, unless it’s not in the dogs best interest and further advice will be given before I commence any groom. Your dog’s welfare is always my priority.

As I provide a one to one service, your dogs groom will never be rushed, as I want your dog to be as relaxed and stress free as possible but if your dog is nervous / aggressive please allow extra time for this. Nervous & rescue dogs I will happily accept.

I provide a professional caring grooming service in the luxury of your own home and having your dog groomed in their own home can prove less stressful for both your dog and you as there is no travelling involved no traffic, parking, leaving your dog behind, etc. etc. 

I always offer a friendly, caring service for your dog. I will always clean up after myself and my caring, professional attitude I will ensure that your home is left as tidy as possible although I cant guarentee totally hairless, but I will always clear up as I groom and hoover the area I am working in to ensure that you remain stress-free too!

During your grooming session your dog will be given a full body massage while being shampooed, using a no  tears shampoo that are kind & gentle to your dog, all dogs are then dried by blasters  and / or  hand dryers. Your dog will be clipped / scissor cut and groomed to suit their lifestyle & your requirements.

All I ask is that you walk your dog before I arrive to avoid any little accidents .......

I am also a member of the Pet Care Trust and the British Dog Groomers Association for more information click on the Pet Care Trust logo



A Dog's Best Fur - Jackie Bowen - 07857 015953